Cheryl K.

I love Ancient Wisdom Acupuncture & Wellness Center! I began my adventure into acupuncture two years ago when doctors and dentists could not help me with my severe TMJ pain. After several tries with no success and the pain continuing to worsen, I knew I had to try something different. I am terrified of needles, but nothing in traditional medicine was working for me. I found Ancient Wisdom Acupuncture and after four sessions, my TMJ pain was no longer an issue. I have had no pain since my last treatment 2 years ago.

I have also used acupuncture for my knee and back pain and am no longer on pain medicine. I was told in 2018 that I needed immediate carpal tunnel surgery. Acupuncture had worked for me on several medical problem s in the past, so I opted for this and not traditional medicine and surgery. I no longer have pain and the surgery is no longer needed.

I was not a believer in the beginning, but the absence of pain has changed my mind. I will now try acupuncture on any medical issue I have before making a trip to the doctor.

I am still terrified of needles, but not acupuncture needles. I have never seen a needle because I close my eyes and let the non-painful needles do their job.

Thank you so much Winnie, you have truly changed my life.

Judy B.

I have been going to Ancient Wisdom Acupuncture Wellness Center for several years. I was taken off anti-inflammatory medication due to kidney issues and was in need of a method to help to relieve my RA pain. This clinic and it’s staff have been wonderful. They are very compassionate and when I am there, they make me feel like my issues are the most important thing to them. The procedure is virtually painless and the method used is based on the areas of pain that need to be treated. I have been very blessed by the staff at this center and highly recommend it to those of you who want a “natural” and “medication free” method to treat the whole body and regain the balance needed for a healthy body and mind.

Chanda M.

I am a big advocate for holistic healthcare and a large part of that for me is acupuncture. I have been seeing Winnie at @ancientwisdomacupuncture for almost 10 years for both physical and emotional health. I am proud and excited to announce she has now opened a wellness center including many other services such as an infrared sauna, bioDensity machine, biofeedback and many more.

As I walked for the first time into the office, I felt home right away. It is a calm and soothing environment with relaxing music playing in the background along with some light essential oil scent. David is welcoming, smiling, calm and puts you at ease. Winnie is gentle, takes time to hear about you and your challenges. The first visit was very personalized and the rapport was instant. Winnie is gentle when inserting the acupuncture needles making sure that you are comfortable. She also incorporates essential oils along with the acupuncture treatment. The soothing aroma along with the acupuncture create an even more relaxing, soothing and healing experience. The acupuncture room is as welcoming, as calming, as soothing and as relaxing as the rest of the office. I was sold to the benefits of acupuncture for many years now, and I am so happy that Winnie has her office in Germantown. It is close to where I live, and it is a blessing for the community. Thank you :-)

Julie B